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Aisha (radiAllaahu ‘anha) & the Three Moons

Aishah (radiAllaahu ‘anha) saw a dream in which it was as if three moons had fallen into her home. She gave an account of her dream to Abu Bakr (radiAllaahu ‘anhu), who said, “If your dream will come true, three of the best inhabitants of earth will be buried in your home.” Later on, when the Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) died and buried in Aishah’s room, Abu Bakr reminded Aishah of her dream by saying, “O Aishah, here is the best of your moons.” Her dream became completely fulfilled when Abu Bakr and then Umar were buried in her house. [Tareekh Al-Khilafah, By Imaam As-Suyuti, pg. 139)]

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